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Enjoy your garden any day of the year

Why not transform a boring patio by adding a glass roof to your patio area and create a fully functional outdoor living area where you can impress the neighbours with a Mediterranean style feel to your house. Not only do our Glass Verandas look spectacular they are also extremely functional. They allow you to enjoy your garden every day of the year be it showing off your culinary skills to your friends barbecuing in complete shelter or simply enjoying a quiet moment reading a book surrounded by your beautiful garden.

patio glass roof

It has also been known to rain in the UK believe it or not! Fear not our Verandas are designed and protected to be used in all weather conditions so instead of rushing into your home when those unexpected showers occur you can simply retreat under your glass patio roof or glass canopy, relax on some furniture and enjoy the show!

Fed up with having to take in that garden furniture every night in the summer because you can’t trust the weather? Even if it has been a glorious day! Again, fear not, you can feel confidence in letting your Glass Veranda provide the complete protection you need.

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For a perfect match

To ensure that the roof is a perfect match for the facade it is fitting to, there are several different options and roof types to choose from.

Patio roof

Patio roof without overhang, with integrated guttering

The basic model comes in a classic lean to design: if you don’t need an additional roof overhang, you will find the Terazza Orininale a good solutuion.

Patio roof

Patio roof with overhang and pre-fitted guttering

The protruding roof on the slender Terazza Extra version blocks out rain falling at an angle.

Patio roof

Patio roof with overhang and integrated guttering

Or opt for a Terazza Plus with roof overhang and integrated downsprout – to make sure the rain drains off as it should.

elegant garden addition


Add the finishing touches to your Glass Veranda

Now have a look at our Accessories to see how you can turn your Glass Veranda into an all year round pleasure. Ignore those cold dark evenings by allowing us to discretely install one of our energy saving lighting systems coupled with one of our energy efficient heating elements. Can you imagine having a wonderfully warm open Glass Veranda whilst enjoying an uninterrupted panoramic view of a delightful snowy scene? Well you can with OpenSpace Living!

patio glass roof

Under glass sun protection for cosy living

The lean form and beautiful fabric of the Sottezza II guarantees a cosy feeling under your patio roof.

patio glass roof

Tempura heating system – cosy warmth on cooler days

Pleasant, instant heat without any pre-heating: the energy efficient Tempura infrared heater delivers a heat output of over 1,500 watts.

patio glass roof

LED patiolight bar – patio enjoyment into the evening hours

Light bars can significantly extend the time you can use your patio. Radio controlled dimer using BiConnect

w17 Sliding Doors

w17 Sliding Doors



Glassroom Build

Glassroom Build