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At OpenSpace Living we have scoured Europe to provide you with the highest quality home enhancement products. In addition to our main products we offer a wide range of exceptional accessories that will provide those finishing touches you deserve. Below you will find a selection of those that are available to you. If after browsing you would like more information then simply go the brochure request page and fill out our 1 minute form telling us which optional extra or extras you are interested in and we will send you a free glossy brochure by first class post.
accessories for Weinor products
10 years

Weinor Guarantee

All our Weinor products come
with a 10 year guarantee
card payments

Card Payments

OpenSpace Living now accepts
all types of card payments
20 percent discount

Autumn Discount

At the moment we are offering a 20%
discount on select Weinor products
Vertitex – Vertical sun protection

Vertitex – Vertical sun protection

A perfect solution solution to sun, glare protection.
Paravento side screen

Paravento side screen

Sheltering you from onlookers, sunlight and fresh side winds. As a cost effective solution.
LED patiolight bar

LED patiolight bar

Light bars can significantly extend the time you can use your patio. Radio controlled dimer using BiConnect.
Tempura heating system

Tempura heating system

Pleasant, instant heat without any pre-heating: the energy efficient Tempura infrared heater delivers a heat output of over 1,500 watts
Weinor Fabric & Frame colour

Fabric & Frame colour

Breathtakingly beautiful and long-lasting: As Weinor fabrics are saturated in colour, they retain their radiance for years to come. Teflon EXTREME® finishing makes them water and soil-repellent. Also there is a choice of 200+ frame colours
BiConnect Remote Control

BiConnect Remote Control

Control your patio lighting, heating system at a press of a button. Or even if away from your home using the BiEasy App.

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