Light Filled Elegance

Bring your garden into your house – smooth transition to the outside provided to you by the elegant Weinor Glasoase®. This glass oasis is a combination of a Terrazza patio roof comprising all-glass elements that can be closed to form a haven between your house and your garden. The many flexible and fixed-glazed side elements allow for any number of possible combinations.

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Effortless all-glass system

By simply adding the OpenSpace Living w17-c all-glass sliding door you can very easily and quickly turn your Glass Veranda patio roof into a stunning all year round Glass Room that will protect you from the famous British weather. By using the “actuator function” to close the entire glass system with one easy pull, coupled with the frameless glass sides, ensures you a full, uninterrupted view of the outdoors with either the sliding doors fully closed or open.

Easy to open

Convenient and user friendly

Actuator function

All the panels can glide at the same time


For virtually every patio roof


Enjoy Life Alfresco

Enjoy your garden until well into autumn – weinor’s Terrazza patio roof will keep you well sheltered from the wind and other elements. And your patio furniture can remain outside without being damaged. The appeal of weinor’s patio roof is its elegant construction, attractively shaped design and high durability. With numerous versions available, it is also very suited to many different types of houses and requirements.


Enjoy Life Alfresco

Glass Rooms can be created easily by adding glazing elements to your OpenSpace Living Glass Veranda. Our extensive range of Glass Verandas styles coupled with a large range of removable glazing systems allows you to pick and design a wonderful bespoke Glass Room giving you all the luxury and look of a traditional conservatory whilst keeping the wonderful simplicity of a sunroom.

Patio roof without overhang, with integrated guttering

Patio roof with overhang, with pre-fitted

Patio roof with roof overhang, with integrated guttering

w17 Sliding Doors


Glassroom Build

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