A soft closing system

Whether you want it protected and cosy or fresh and airy, with the w17 easy full glass sliding door you experience pure living enjoyment – on your patio. w17 easy offers reliable weather protection and thanks to the frameless design you always enjoy full transparency. The full glass elements can be moved very easily and without a lot of effort. Opening and closing thus becomes child’s play.

Weinor glass sliding doors

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with a 10 year guarantee

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Even large all-glass elements can be moved really eaily – without much force and energy. Making opening and closing an easy task!

Full transparancy

The frameless, mobile glass elements of w17 easy allow full transparency at all times for an unobstructed view from the patio


Thanks to the Soft-Closing-System, the glass elements can be moved quietly and easily.

Soft closure aid

A slight pull, similar to the mechanism of a drawer, simplifies and supports the closure of the glass elements


The Weinor sliding door system is a perfect combination of brilliant German engineering combined with the high quality finish and detail you expect from a premium product.

Easy to clean

Using a brush, the dirt can be swept into the CleanCase® and outside. Even rainwater runs off the CleanCase®

Flat floor rails

Elegant floor connection profiles that go well with any flooring ensure a nice transition between the floor rail and the patio floor.

Room divider

w17 easy is not jusst for use on patios. The full glass sliding door is also suitable for indoors – as an elegant room divider.

w17 Sliding Doors


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