Folding and Sliding Doors - from OpenSpace Living

Folding and Sliding Doors - OpenSpace Living

By simply adding the OpenSpace Living w17-c all-glass sliding door you can very easily and quickly turn your Glass Veranda patio roof into a stunning all year round Glass Room that will protect you form the famous British weather.

By using the "actuator function" to close the entire glass system with one easy pull, coupled with the frameless glass sides, ensures you a full, uninterrupted view of the outdoors with either the sliding doors fully closed or open

W17 easy - simply always fits

Easy to open - Convenient and user friendly

Patio roofs/verandas - Whether the construction is made out of glass, wood or metal: the full glass sliding door from weinor is the perfect solution.

Actuator function - All the panels can glide at the same time

Pergola awnings - Pergola awnings are weather-proof sun protection systems with high wind stability and that cabriolet feeling.

Retrofittable - For virtually every patio roof

Balconies and loggias - A great deal of time can be spent on balconies and loggias if they are enclosed all-round with the w17 easy full glass sliding door.

The OpenSpace Living w17-c all glass sliding door also works beautifully as balcony glazing or as a simple indoor partition.

Combining the OpenSpace Living w26-c all-glass sliding revolving door with an OpenSpace Living Veranda patio roof provides you with a fully sheltered, open space living area. This unique design allows the all glass frameless front to fully open on several sides where the glass elements slide one by one into a corner, where they are stacked and folded either inwards or outwards. Within a matter of minutes you can transform you're glass room into an open outdoor living space. This all-glass sliding revolving door can also be used balcony glazing

The OpenSpace Living w50-c parallel tilt-and-slide door is made with aluminium profiles, allowing you to create a seamless transition from indoors to outdoors. Because the door runs parallel to the front of the room instead of swivelling on opening you get a far larger useable space, where all your ornaments, plants, tables and chairs can be left without needing to move them. Just like all the other doors, you can shut the OpenSpace Living parallel tilt-and-slide door in seconds.

Fixed glazed or tilt and/or turn windows fit perfectly with your Verandah patio roof. The windows with aluminium profiles offer so many possibilities, as you can also use them as pool or balcony glazing.

The w50-c door opens the way to access the outdoors directly from your extended patio roof. The use of door handles on both sides and a barrier-free door sill means you can quickly find shelter whenever the weather takes a turn for the worse. The aluminium door can be used as a room divider or side entrance door to the house.

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